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After Dark Cookies reviewed by the Portland Mercury

"I love the oatmeal chocolate chip, which is by definition the best cookie of all time, but their inventive flavors like chai, almond and orange chocolate, and bacon-studded cookies are all damn satisfying, especially at midnight. Milk, pints of Cloud City ice cream, and cold brew are also available."

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KGW News Channel 8 Features After Dark Cookies

"You can get just about anything delivered these days and that now includes cookies for your late night munchies."

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KOIN 6 features After Dark Cookies

"When the sun goes down, homemade snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies start coming out of an oven at a rented church kitchen in Southeast Portland. The warm cookies are nudged into boxes and rushed into heated delivery bags and off to hungry customers minutes after they finish baking."

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Side Hustle School features After Dark Cookies

"Imagine that it’s a Friday night and you’re sitting at home. All of a sudden, you realize that something is missing from your life. It’s not purpose, it’s not a reason to get up in the morning, it’s homemade cookies."

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After Dark Cookies Featured on KXL News Radio

"Julia and Bryce are pretty smart..."

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"It’s all about making the customer happy"

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"Check out After Dark Cookies. They deliver cookies right to your door. When they arrive they are warm, gooey and down right good."

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"It sounds too good to be true, but this local business is the real deal."

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