It was a dark and stormy night...

Richard and Julia were home one night. It was painfully late and they were achingly tired. They despaired for they had a desperate urge to eat some cookies.

They thought they might make some, but it was soooooo late and they were soooooo tired.

They considered going to the store, but it was soooooo far away.

Suddenly, they heard a knock on their door, and greeting them was a giant cookie.

We're saved, they thought, we can eat him!

But the cookieman spoke and introduced himself. He was named Bryce Cookieman (obviously) and he'd heard their plaintive cry for cookies. Which made sense, because they had been really very whiny.

Before the stunned humans the cookieman laid out a cornucopia of delicious cookies: snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar and other more exotic flavors.

Bryce Cookieman saying hello to Julia and Richard!

"So, you just go around taking cookies to people who need cookies?"

"Yes," replied the cookieman, "It's my mission in life."

Bryce looked away wistfully for a minute, and the humans thought they saw a slight tinge of sadness land on Bryce's face.

"Sometimes..." Bryce trailed off for a moment, "Sometimes it's just so hard to take cookies to everybody. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by my purpose."

Then, an idea came to Richard and Julia at the exact same moment because they share the same brain because of a freak lightning strike accident.

Don't ask...

"Bryce," they said to the cookieman, "Have you ever thought of bringing others in on your mission?"

Bryce looked at them with skepticism in his eyes...

"Others?" he asked, "But who would understand the sacred responsibility of late-night cookie delivery?"

"Well, we might," said Julia.

Thus began the partnership that spawned After Dark Cookies.

Soon, Bryce, Richard and Julia started to bring others in on the late night cookie delivery mission: Maciej, Matt, Stella, Amber, Acacia, Becca, Luke and Jordan.

Soon, what began as a mission to deliver late-night, made-to-order cookies to the Woodstock Neighborhood had expanded to other parts of Portland.

And After Dark Cookies continues to grow, led by the wisdom and creativity of Bryce Cookieman.

Because nobody should be cookieless after dark.

After Dark Cookies introduces Bryce Cookieman!

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